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Garage doors are the portal to your home. Apart from security, your garage doors provide an uplift to your curbside. Choosing us makes us part of your home. We go all-out to ensure reliability, ultramodern safety, and a touch of modernity when you need new garage doors, installation or repairs in Loveland, CO.
Personalize your garage door to fit your lifestyle and architectural design. Your home will get a classy look that sets it apart from the rest in terms of comfort, style, and operability.
Today we are sharing inspirations and expertise on the best designs and factors to consider when buying garage doors.

Garage Door Designs

Garage doors in Loveland, CO, come in different styles.

The structural design of your house determines the garage door size. The traditional builder-grade sectional doors are right, undoubtedly, but modern ones have taken functionality a notch higher. Recent models are still dependable, but they come with sprinklings of style to give your home the oomph.
 two single car wood garage doors
Image of Wood Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

 The sectional design is the number one garage door in the US. They consist of panel sections that are linked together with hinges. When the door goes up or down, wheels at the end of the panels move inside a straight path on each side of the garage.
On the top of the ceiling, the track forms a curve. This allows the door to glide up to the ceiling when open. It also allows the door to close firmly when closed. The door also has two high-tension springs that hold the door's weight when you partially close or open it.
These doors are liked because of their versatility. You can customize the door in terms of color, texture, or window settings. Mostly, the doors are made of steel, and you can choose to either install an insulated or non-insulated garage door.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

If you have a small ceiling space, the roll-up design works best. You will mostly see them in stores and lockers than in residential areas. They come in 2" or 3" steel slat portions that wind around a drum on the topmost part of the door.
The no-frill design withstands continuous usage and higher resistance against rust, freezing, and corrosion. Also, some do not need springs.
Roll-up doors cost more than sectional ones.

  Slide-to-the-side Garage Doors

Necessarily, these are sectional doors, but as the name suggests, they move sideways. They are excellent if you have a home with a little headroom.
These doors run on the lower bearings that are good enough even when your garage has a slope. Also, these doors do not require balancing springs. They have an in-built motor to move the door automatically.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

If you like the old-fashion farmhouse themed garage door side-hinged garage doors are exactly that. Typically, they work like your standard door, and of late, they are becoming popular. They are perfect If you have no headroom or space on the sides.
They are mostly made of wood, but steel ones are available for more security. These doors can be bought in pre-hung frames or be installed at your home.

Canopy Garage Doors

Also known as the tilt-up garage doors, these doors don't have slats or sections. They come in one big frame like the side-hinged ones. The in-built pivot hinge system is designed to tilt up the door into the garage.
This door goes into the garage a bit, but some portions also remain outside when the parking is open.

Retractable Garage Doors

This door is similar to the canopy one in that it tilts up when opened. The only difference is that this design does not protrude past your garage when opened. Retractable garage doors are excellent if you have a bigger space because they are challenging to operate in smaller areas.

So, what materials are our doors made of? Let's look at an overview of our garage door materials.
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Garage Door Materials
Garage doors in Loveland, CO, come in five elements: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood.
1. Steel
Our steel garage doors are made of two layers of galvanized steel. Naturally, steel is still prone to rust and dentures, but we have chosen the best 24"-25" gauge steel for our doors since these have proven to be more resilient.
You can also choose doors with a fiberglass coating for more protection.
    blue house with covered white garage door
    Image of Covered Garage Door
    2. Aluminum
    Aluminum is commonly used because of its lightweight nature. We mostly recommend these doors for double doors or more extensive garage door sizes. Newer models are also extra coated to prevent denting.
    You will also find aluminum doors with heavy-duty frames.
    3. Fiberglass
    The beauty of fiberglass is its malleability and versatility. It can be molded to resemble almost any material. You can go for one with a wooden-like appearance for beauty. In its natural state, fiberglass is also excellent because it lets in a little light- if you like that.
    They are useful in Colorado, but in icy places, they become yellow after some years.
    4. Vinyl
    Vinyl is an excellent material because it doesn't dent or break easily. That's it is called the 'kid-proof' garage door. They resemble fiberglass doors but with a sturdier build.
    But unlike other materials, vinyl doesn't come in many colors.
    5. Wood/ Wood Composite
    There is a certain appeal about wood that refuses to go away. It has been used for millennia, yet it still retains its classy appearance for your garage door. Wood is also excellent because you can choose any color that blends in your house.
    Wood garage doors designs are limited because of space (They are mostly side-hinged doors). Unlike steel doors, which are lower maintenance, wood needs your keenness.
    6. Wind-Load Garage Doors
    These garage doors are made to storm-proof your garage and your house.

    Why Choose Loveland Garage Door Repair?

    When buying any product, there are factors you should keep in mind to get the best outcome. We have to ensure that we stay level with the industry requirements, certifications, and still maintain our rapport with the clients.

    row of four white sliding garage doors
    Image of Row of White Sliding Garage Doors

    We do our utmost to meet the following factors:

    1. Security
    This has to be the first factor you consider for both commercial and residential garage doors. It is also our top priority. Some garage doors have in-built openers that have an ultra-modern rolling-code system. This feature makes sure that you get a new code every time you use your garage.
    Codes are hackable, or some people can get it the more you use it. With this tech, which has a billion-plus combination, your garage becomes more foolproof to unwarranted entrances.
    2. Protection
    You may prevent outside interferences with top-notch security, but you also have to keep your kids and pets safe. If you live in a trafficked area, a safety sensor comes in handy. If the sensor feels something is in its path when it closes, the door automatically stops or reverses its direction.
    Since 1993, this standard was adopted to prevent injuries or suffocation.
    3. Durability and Material
    Let's face it; some materials are more equal than others. You should go for wood if you want an elegant appearance. Steel is the most used, low-maintenance, and the most affordable garage door. Vinyl is the newest kid on the block, but it's also low maintenance.
    Aluminum, on the other hand, offers more resistance to rust and corrosion than steel. Fiberglass isn't recommended for extreme cold weather because it loses its appeal (The material is still suitable for Loveland, CO).
    4. Motor
    We will discuss the horsepower rating with you in our garage doors to make sure that you find the best motor. Various models have different horsepowers. As a rule, more substantial garage doors need an engine with more horsepower.
    If it's lightweight, a heavy-duty motor will be a waste of energy.
    5. Aesthetics
    Of course, beauty has to come into the picture. Our garage door should match the aura of your house and landscape. Do you prefer a solid door, or is a window a valued addition to your style?
    As mentioned earlier, whatever style you need, you shall get.
    6. R-Value
    If you have an insulated garage door, the R-value is its thermal capacity. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.
    PS: We don't highly recommend insulation unless the room is used as an extra for people. Car fumes or chemicals can be trapped in the place, which can be harmful.
    7. Ease of Use
    You can opt for a system that uses a wireless keypad or your smartphone to open. This makes it convenient for you.
    8. Cost
    Our quality products come at an affordable price. We also have ongoing offers for our esteemed customers. Prices vary depending on the power, brand, type, and the material of the garage door.
    But you will always get value for your money.
    9. Services
    Usually, we have a full-time customer service. Our staff is knowledgeable, and if you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us here.

    Garage Door Installation

    Buying, replacing, or installation of garage doors can be a big job. Most doors have several moving parts that should be aligned correctly. You may love DIY projects, but sometimes getting an insured and certified company to install is better.
    Getting expert opinions and help will also minimize the time used to install. You also get explanations on door designs, materials, insulation capacity, openers and springs, safety issues, and different security measures.
    It also makes it easier for us when you call us for repairs, new info, etc.
    Painting Your Garage Door
    Most garage doors can be painted. However, as mentioned earlier, materials like wood offer the best surface for any color. But the good news is that garage doors in Loveland, CO, can be powder-coated. There are almost 200 powder coats to choose from.
    Garage Door Sizes
    Standard residential houses garage doors in Loveland, CO, come in 3 different sizes: 8*7. 9*7 and 10*7 (feet). If you have a double-door garage, you can go for the 12*7, 14*7, and 16*7. The double-door types are great if you need additional space for storage, working, etc.
    Some people also need more massive residential doors, and we have them in 16*8, 16*9 going all the way to 20 feet.
    There is no specific figure that can be given with commercial garage doors without looking at the room specs and the number of vehicles you plan to house. Our experts first visit your premises, then we recommend the best dimensions.

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