Choosing a Contemporary Garage Door

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Garage Door Renovations in Loveland, Colorado

Image of modern home with contemporary garage doors

Garage doors can make a big impact on the visual appearance of your home. Typically they are front and center and can contribute greatly to the overall look of your property. If you’re thinking of updating your garage door, why not boost your curb appeal and consider installing a contemporary garage door? Aside from looks, this is a great way to add value to your home.

Contemporary garage doors are designed with all the latest trends and typically work well with a variety of architectural styles. If your home is more traditional, adding a contemporary or modern garage door can do wonders in terms of updating the appearance of your home. Appearances aside, contemporary garage doors are also made with the latest materials and technology. They tend to offer more modern functionality.

Scroll down to learn more about contemporary garage doors and their materials, designs, and features. We’ll highlight the pros and cons of each to help you select the best option for your garage door renovation.


Wood – Wood is always a classic choice for garage doors. It feels organic and traditional but is also extremely versatile making it a popular choice in contemporary doors as well. Wood doors do require more upkeep than some of the other materials on the market. Every few years you will need to repaint or restrain them to maintain their appearance. They can also be a more difficult choice for areas that get a lot of weather such as snow, ice, and wind. Within the wood category, there are natural wood options and composite wood options. Composite wood garage doors are typically more budget-friendly and offer better insulation, but they are still a tricky option in weather prone areas.

Aluminum – Aluminum garage doors have a clean modern look and are extremely lightweight and affordable. They are naturally rustproof but because of its lightweight nature, it provides little insulation and dents easier than steel.

Steel – This is by far the most popular choice of material for garage doors. They are low maintenance and come in a huge variety of styles with everything from painted options to imitation wood. Steel doors are susceptible to rust but often come with coatings to prevent any rusting or moisture damage. Steel doors fall in the mid-range for cost and are a great option for low maintenance, durable garage doors.



Earth Tones and Bold Colors – The modern market offers an infinite number of colors for your garage door. Many are opting for bold colors and muted earth tones to add a pop of color and better complement the exterior of their homes. It is important to note that certain garage door styles will have a limited number of colors so if you fall in love with a particular color, you may need to look at specific vendors or styles.

Industrial designs – The industrial look has become a popular design theme in contemporary garage doors. Think metal-framed doors in silver or black with glazed glass or fiberglass panels.

Multiple Materials – The use of multiple materials has become more and more common in garage door designs. This is both for practical and aesthetic reasons. Often the use of multiple materials makes the door more durable.
Paneling – When it comes to paneling you have a variety of options. Traditional garage doors typically have raised panels. Another choice is recessed paneling. This places the frame on the outside of the panels giving the garage door a more industrial look. The third option is flush paneling. This is a very clean and sleek look as it is completely flat. All these options are common within contemporary door styles.

Windows – Windows are a classic feature on traditional garage doors. Most often you see them in a horizontal row across the top of the garage door. This design is common in contemporary designs as well but you will often notice a different placement of the windows. Some feature windows placed vertically down one side of the garage door – or they use large panels that act as windows. The latter is often used in garage spaces that are intended to be more of a living area or extension of the interior of the house.


Energy-Efficient – With modern materials and the option to combine multiple materials, you can improve insulation and lower energy costs.

Connectivity – With today’s technology, you can easily control your garage door remotely from your vehicle or through an app for improved convenience and security. Worried you left the garage door open? Many applications now feature an auto-close function, or the capability to control it remotely.

Customization – Looking for a particle style? There are more options than ever to create a unique look for your garage door.

More Living Space – Real estate in Colorado is booming and people are looking for more ways to add functional square footage to their homes. This means many are using their garage for more than storing their vehicle or working in the shop. Contemporary garage door designs allow you to great a softer look for that space while allowing natural light, excellent insulation, and improved security.

Cost of a Contemporary Garage Door

Any remodeling project comes with an investment, but it’s important to invest in projects that add value to your home. You want to see a good return on your investment, especially for something like a garage door replacement. Fortunately, Remodeling Magazine places a garage door replacement in 2020 as the second-highest return on investment in the Northern Colorado Region at 96.1%. With that, you can feel good about the value associated with this upgrade.

Now that you know you’re making a good investment, you’re probably asking yourself what a new contemporary garage door will cost? The cost of the replacement will vary depending on many different factors such as materials, customizations, and labor. On the spectrum of high end to low end, you can spend anywhere from a few thousand dollars on your new garage door to a few hundred dollars. We tend to deter customers from staying too close to the low end because you get what you pay for. At a few hundred dollars, the quality and materials will be lacking and the door will most likely not meet wind codes (especially in Colorado). Fortunately, there is a wide range of options, and our team is always eager to help you find the best quality garage door for the most affordable price. Call us today for a free estimate!

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