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Garage Door Repairs

At face value, garage doors seem to operate in a straightforward process. But most garage doors are a blend of several moving parts and a very intricate design. Naturally, these parts will wear with time, but a good maintenance routine slows down this wear, snapping, breaking, corrosion, or bending.

DIY projects seem to be the theme right now (and they aren’t bad). However, most of our Garage Door Repair Loveland Co comes as a result of a DIY project gone wrong. Sometimes it is an issue that was ignored, leading to an even bigger, more expensive repair.

So, how should you go about garage door repairs? Are there evident signs that show your door has problems?
broken garage door with blue truck inside
Image of Broken Garage Door

Signs of Garage Door Problems

Fortunately, you can use some early signs to prevent more significant damage. Ignoring some warnings may leave you with a dysfunctional door at best, but at worst, you may incur damages or injuries. Your garage may still move, but if you see or feel the following signs, we are here to help.

1. Noisy Garage Doors
A noisy garage door is a menace to you and other people, especially if someone sleeps in an adjacent room. It is difficult to diagnose the cause of such noises on paper because it needs an expert to come and examine your doors.

It may be caused by anything from the hinges to jamming parts with less friction.
2. Frozen Doors
You’ve never been frustrated if your door has never jammed on the coldest day of the year. Your garage door refuses to open when moisture freezes between the door to the floor. If your door doesn’t open, don’t hit the open button too many times.

It may lead to more significant problems like a broken spring, stripped gear, or a crash of the motor.

3. Auto-Stop or Auto-Reverse Doesn’t Work
In 1993, the auto-stop and auto-reverse safety measure became a standard part of every garage door. This feature senses an object that is on its way while closing and some models stop while others reverse back.

Since its inception, the cases of injured or dead pets or children have reduced significantly.
If this function doesn’t do, don’t hesitate to seek professional help even if the door operates normally. It is a danger in the making.

4. A Failing Garage Door Opener
Don’t wait for the door opener to fail before seeking help. It is more convenient when the repairs are prompt.

5. Damaged Components
Any damaged components or hanging parts usually signal an underlying issue.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

As mentioned, you may prefer to do things yourself. And some issues like broken glasses or frozen doors can indeed be done without an expert. But don’t tackle more significant problems yourself. Some doors are quite heavy, and any miscalculation is a time bomb.

1. Your Door Isn’t Working
This seems pretty obvious, but some people may ignore any warning signs until the final straw. When your door jams or opens at an abnormal angle, it is time you called us. It is also the right way of ensuring your door works efficiently without any worries.

2. Avoid Accumulating Problems
A garage door depends on every moving part to work effectively. If one fails, but you continue using it, the door's load is displaced to other parts. This may spoil other parts that were working well, initially making it more expensive to repair all the pieces.

3. Convenience
That extra minute you wait for the door to open is quite frustrating. Convenience is an outstanding luxury, especially with your garage door.

4. Security
Timely repairs leave you feeling safe. If any of your systems fail, intruders may get a more natural way to get into your house. There is also a safety concern for your child, pet, or property.
For example, a broken window allows birds to enter your home, and some can be a nuisance.

5. Professional Advice
It is essential to get an expert opinion on the state of your door and any future repairs it may need. Working with a professional also minimizes chances of immediate failure because they have more experience working on hundreds of similar projects.

You should also know if your door needs repairs only or an entire replacement.

Why Choose Us?

1. Affordability
Our company offers the best prices for garage door repairs, installation, and replacement. We work in line with our customer’s budget to give them the best service.
Our accessories also come at a lower price.

2. Expertise
For years we have been the top garage door repair in Loveland, CO, and we expect to continue delivering our services for years to come. In our years of experience, we have gained a broader knowledge and more skillsets.
Our staff is also equipped with experts ready to answer any of your questions in line with garage doors.

Our online reputation is also excellent, and our previous customer reviews show that the staff is professional and receptive.
3. 24/7 Customer Support
Businesses are always built by reliable customer support and feedback. That’s why we go all-out to make sure every customer leaves our premises a happy customer. Off-site garage door repairs are also done as soon as possible to ensure that your schedule remains convenient.

4. Topnotch Tools
Garage doors are our specialty, and we arm ourselves with every tool for repairs. Technology regularly gives us better tools, and we make sure we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our area of expertise.

We also have the latest accessories for your garage door. Some traditional parts have become obsolete, and when doing repairs, you will need to use modern replacements.

5. Licensed
We are a licensed repair company, and we have all the necessary certifications from all relevant bodies. Our company is also insured. It means working with us is not a risk, and we are committed to bringing the best performance to your doorstep.

In offsite jobs, our technicians also have IDs to show that they work with us.

Garage Door Repair Vs. Garage Replacement

This is a question that bothers most people. Garage door replacement seems more expensive, but consistent repairs make you wonder if it is worth it. So when do you repair it and when do you replace it?

1. Repair
Minimal damages just need repair. Damages that just need paint or a replacement of a slat or section can be done quickly. But if you are not sure if the crack has an underlying cause, it is advisable to seek an expert.

If the door still opens but at a slower pace, it may need just some minor fixing. This is also the case when it stops for a few seconds before eventually opening or closing.

Thirdly, if you’ve purchased the door recently, the chances are that it’s a minor snag. If you have purchased a high-quality garage door from us, you should squeeze more than five years from it.

2. Replacement
A door with significant cosmetic damage needs a replacement. Some of us have traditional doors that have lasted decades, but even the best garage doors reach their limit. The elements of weather lead to rot or rust after a while. If your door shows this across the whole frame, it is time we got you a new garage door replacement.

When the door jams or gets stuck halfway, a repair may work. However, sometimes this problem persists, which indicates a more significant underlying issue. We will always advise you to get a new door if the cost of repair exceeds the value of a new garage door.

A door that is more than ten years may need a replacement. You may have gotten attached to it, but if it starts buckling under its weight, it’s time you let go.

Lastly, you may go for a replacement to get a classy door that will boost your curbside appearance.
two white garage doors in blue house
Image of Two Single Garage Doors
two wood paneled garage doors under balcony
Image of Wood Paneled Garage Door

Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Constant repairs can always be reduced by proper maintenance. Here are some tips to help you have lesser repairs.

• Inspect the Rollers and Tracks

The rollers and tracks of your garage door need constant maintenance. If you have never cleaned them, proper brushing and oiling them regularly will do the trick. Sometimes they are the reason behind the noise because of all the friction.
The bearings also wear out, and it is better to replace any roller that doesn’t work well.

  • Tighten the Parts

The tracks along the edges in an overhead garage door come in sections fixed on the garage in brackets. These brackets should be fastened well during installation. However, if you notice any loose bolt or screw tighten it.

• Examine the Cables and Pulleys

Spring-operated garage doors come with cables and pulleys, which may wear out as time goes. Spoilt cables and worn pulleys need immediate replacement. But make sure you call a professional to do this because it is crucial to the whole system.

• Check Door Balance

Garage doors do not need a lot of power to open them even when they are not automatic. If your garage door needs more ability from the garage opener to lift the door, it may mean that the springs have lost their strength.

• Check the Auto-stop and Auto-reverse

It may be a repeated theme here, but we can’t emphasize this enough. Around 20,000 people are injured by their garage doors every year in the US.
If it doesn’t work, the heavy door may injure someone or maim your pet. You should seek a repairperson to work on the opener or replace it entirely.
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Is your door making noises? Is it stuck or delaying when opening or closing? Is your auto-reverse system failing you? Are the cables and pulleys losing their resilience? These crucial signs indicate a problem in your order.

Finding garage door repairs in Loveland, CO, may seem like a daunting task. If you see any signs or significant issues with your door, it is advisable to find professional help. We have been in the business for years, and we offer reliable, durable, and quick repairs.

We will also advise you on the best way forward and give you more maintenance tips.
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